Frost Crack Studio

An indie studio for animations and games

The First Screenshot form the game

This is the players first home

Image 1 from the player home

Image 2 from the player home

Images Rendered in Blender 2.78c

A new render of a drinking bottle

This is a drinking bottle that will be in the game, I might change the design later.

Rendered in Blender 2.82


  • Q. What softwares do you use?
  • A. I use diffrent softwares/ applications, go to the info page to see the list

  • Q. When will the game come out?
  • A. I don't know, I think it will be out when it is done and tested for bugs

  • Q. Will it be a free game?
  • A. No, you need to pay 1 time and then you get the full game. The game will be on Steam when it is out

  • Q. Will it be singel player, mutiplayer or co-op?
  • A. it will be a singe with online co-op suport, so you can make your own server

  • Q. is it a first person or third person game?
  • A. You can choose whether to play first or third person

  • Q. Will you make any DLC?
  • A. I don't think I will. But if I do, then the first DLC will be free

  • Q. Do I need to pay to make a server?
  • A. No, if you buy my game the server system will be free for you

  • Q. What type of game will it be?
  • A. It is different types, like RPG, Action, FPS, sci-fi, ets... 

  • Q. Will it be only on Windows?
  • A. No, it will be on Windows, Linux and Mac